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School Amenities

Adhwa'a Al-Hedaya Schools

are integrated educational system, that offers high-quality education in an engaging manner. The facilities have been equipped to a high standard that meets the requirements of high-quality education. we are keen to adopt the latest relevant technological tools to enhance the quality of education provided to our students and improve the learning outcomes.

Spacious Classrooms

with good ventilation and lighting conditions, have been carefully designed and equipped with the best seats, tables, whiteboards and the latest technology smartboards. The students have been evenly distributed among the classes to ensure the highest results.


We have established a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with the latest 3-D printers and modern robotic devices. This facility is designed to stimulate creativity and innovation among our students while adhering to stringent safety procedures, ensuring a secure environment for their experiments and trials.

Playground Adhering To Universal Standards

The school has developed a playground adhering to universal standards, featuring furnishings such as artificial grass of superior quality. The playground equipment is designed with a layer of pressurized cork to provide elevated safety standards.


In our school, we provide an expansive gymnasium equipped with state-of-the-art sports devices, facilities for collaborative sports, and ample space dedicated to sports training.


A sophisticated theater facility, capable of accommodating up to 500 visitors, is furnished with foldable and comfortable seating arrangements. It is also equipped with the latest audio and visual instruments for an enhanced experience.

Swimming Pool

A spacious swimming pool that meets health requirements, with a gradual depth, equipped with safety systems such as non-slip edges, water purification systems to remove impurities, and continuous sterilization. It is also equipped with separate rooms equipped for changing clothes and showering.

Computer Laboratories

Computer laboratories are outfitted with cutting-edge computer systems and high-performance network servers.

Research Laboratories

Our laboratories are furnished with state-of-the-art scientific tools and devices, catering to subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics. The design incorporates a meticulous approach to system functionality, as well as safety and security measures.


The library and learning resources center are well-appointed facilities featuring a curated collection of top-tier books and engaging stories. These centers are designed to facilitate proactive learning through the use of electronic boards, computers, and dedicated spaces for focused reading.

Art Workshops

The art and manual work labs or workshops are seamlessly integrated with tools for painting, designing, and artistic formation. These facilities provide a distinctive atmosphere that fosters student creativity and showcases their artistic talents.

Traffic Awareness Zone

A well-appointed area encompasses meticulously designed streets, signage, and managed traffic flow for both bicycles and vehicles. It includes distinguished features and amenities, such as an entertainment play area and a model zoo.


The recreational play zone is an upscale area offering a plethora of enjoyable entertainment games.