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Educational Programs

National Curriculum

Adhwa’a Al-Hedaya Schools strictly follow the ministry of education’s curriculum, and enriches the English language classes with supporting programs in the private department.

• (1+2+3 Grades): Bilingual program for mathematics, science and English.

• Primary School: Family & Friends

• Intermediate School: Headway Plus

• The computer curriculum was supported by worksheets and classroom and extracurricular activities.

International Curriculum

The school abides the ministerial curriculum in the Civic education courses and the Arabic language courses very strictly in the International and the American Diploma departments.

In the International departments the school adopted (SAVVAS) curriculum in the English, Math, and Science courses.

And for the French language course chose the following curriculum: CLE international

• Grades 1 to 3: Zig Zag plus

• Grades 4 to 6: Jus d’orange

• Grades 7 to 12: Merci!

As for the computer subject, it was specified according to the Oxford International Curriculum.