Secrets of academic excellence

There are a lot of outstanding students that we encounter in school stages or in our daily lives, and we may wonder about the reasons for their superiority and how they were able to achieve this success and excellence, and what are the means and tools that helped them achieve this, any student can become successful and outstanding and one of the best students in the school, and that Following these are some tips that will increase his excellence and success, and the following are the most important tips that must be taken to achieve academic excellence.

Secrets of academic excellence
Motivation to excel: The student must have a motivation and desire to excel and succeed, and to become one of the best students in the school, otherwise he may not succeed in achieving excellence.
Evaluate the student’s level periodically: The student must classify his level in his academic subjects, and know his weaknesses, so that he can strengthen them and raise his level in them.
Not to be ashamed of the question: If the student has difficulty understanding some ideas and study information, he must ask the teacher and not be confused and shy, for whoever is ashamed of the question does not learn.
Manage and organize time properly.
Daily repetition: The repetition of information enhances its storage in memory for the longest possible period.
Study in a quiet place away from distractions: The place where the student wants to study must be kept calm, and away from tools that occupy the student and distract his thinking, such as mobile phones, television, and others, because they cause distraction and loss of focus.
Not studying continuously and taking breaks: The student must take breaks from time to time during his studies, as the break is necessary to activate the brain and rehabilitate it to absorb more information.
Providing practice tests: training in the provision of tests and examination forms under conditions similar to the examination conditions.
Choosing good friends: Choosing good friends and colleagues greatly positively affects the student, and the individual often tends to be influenced by the lifestyle of the people he befriends, as one is on the religion of his friend.
Getting rid of personal and social problems: The presence of personal and social problems in the student’s life makes it difficult for him to focus and memorize, and thus move away from the path of excellence and success.
Gain additional skills: The student may be superior and successful in his academic stage, but it is preferable to attend some exercises that help develop skills, as they open the mind and develop creativity.
Self-reward: If the student excels in a field, it is preferable to reward himself with something he likes, such as eating in a restaurant, buying new clothes, or… This reward motivates the student to exert more effort and excel.

Because our children are entrusted to us, we must choose the best schools for them, because the school has a large and essential role in the success of the child and raising him properly.


The best schools in the Kingdom
Adwaa Al-Hedaya Schools

At Adwaa Al-Hedaya Schools, we adopt English-language education and prepare students for the French language, and we pay attention and a vital role in the process of teaching Arabic, Islamic studies, and encouraging activities for programs for memorizing the Holy Qur’an.

In order to prepare a creative generation that enjoys balance and faces challenges


What distinguishes Adwaa Al-Hedaya Schools:

Curricula: Modern and modern teaching methods and academic staff for the National Curriculum and the American Diploma.

Educational paths: With a selection of distinguished and capable educational cadres to develop the scientific level of students.

Academic calendar: the date of vacations and exams according to the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Transportation and Transportation: To meet the parents’ desire for a high responsibility for safe and comfortable transportation, and to enhance the human values ​​of students through educational and social programs within school transportation.

Activities and Events: Visits and excursions filled with fun and excitement in outdoor activities, and indoor activities that enhance physical strength, motor skills and mentality

Educational Environment: Academic experience of more than 30 years and modern methods of education with multiple approaches to prepare a balanced creative generation.

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