The importance of the school in the life of the child and the development of society

School is of great importance in the lives of children, as it is the perfect place for education and information, as they learn in it and discover new things and get to know many friends, and establish many social relationships, as it is the cornerstone of the knowledge that the child acquires.

The importance of the school for the child is not limited to being a place for education only, but rather it is an important part of his life, as it takes a large part of his thinking and mind, especially since the child at the beginning of his school life is encouraged by the idea of ​​entering school and engaging in this new atmosphere.

Going to school is considered one of the most important rights of the child, which should never be deprived of it, whatever the reasons.

At school, the child begins to open up to the world and society, to deal with the different environments and classes from which his colleagues come, and to get to know the teachers. The child feels different feelings of love or hate towards them, according to the way they deal with him from his point of view. And to plant her love in his heart and convey the idea that it is a place for study and diligence, and a place for playing and having fun and spending times of fun at the same time.

The school is also the place where the child’s eyes are opened to reading and writing, in which the child gets rid of ignorance and illiteracy, and begins to form a new idea about the world, and his talents unfold and he begins to define his choices and goals in life, so his perceptions expand, and the child begins a new life away from his mother, father and brothers, and dependence Little by little, he is self-reliant, and his dependence on his mother and father is somewhat less.

The child begins to take his money from his parents when he goes to school, and he buys what he likes of food and foods without interference from anyone and is not restricted by specific choices dictated to him by his parents, and the child at school can befriend whomever he wants and play with the children he chooses, this contributes to the formation of a personality The child is independent, aware and educated at the same time, and all the things we mentioned are very important and difficult to learn at home only.


The importance of the school in the development of society

Before talking about the importance of the school in the development of society, we must shed light on the integrative relationship that links the school with the community. The school has great importance in instilling the foundations and pillars of society, its ethics and qualities. On the other hand, we see the community’s support for the school and its support for it, believing in its importance and its great role in influencing the changes and trends of society. And his future as well.

The school contributes effectively to the development of society, as it is the basic building block after the family in raising and educating children and refining their talents and personalities. Therefore, a school that enjoys a good educational and educational reputation can establish a conscious society that loves education and produces a generation that leaves a beautiful impact in its life, and this is due to the school’s ability to manage As cadres in influencing children, their minds and way of thinking, and refining and developing their talents to be successful in their lives and role models for others in their societies, the children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and its future that must be invested in.

It is possible that many people overlook the importance of the school and its great role in the development of societies, so they neglect the interest in it, and consider it a secondary priority that can be overlooked, and neglect may be at many levels such as following up on students’ education and developing their talents or at the level of interest in the school as an administration or as a place In terms of construction, tools used, educational devices and others, the school that builds civilized and educated societies must have an appropriate educational environment that does not lack anything, in order to be a place to attract students and not a place to alienate it, and to enhance its role in building the student’s personality, and its role in forming the educational personality of the teacher The student and all parties involved in the school educational process.


Because our children are entrusted to us, we must choose the best schools for them, because the school has a large and essential role in the success of the child and raising him properly.


The best schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Adwaa Al-Hedaya Schools

At Adwaa Al-Hedaya Schools, we adopt English-language education and prepare students for the French language, and we pay attention and a vital role in the process of teaching Arabic, Islamic studies, and encouraging activities for programs for memorizing the Holy Qur’an.

In order to prepare a creative generation that enjoys balance and faces challenges


What distinguishes Adwaa Al-Hedaya Schools:

Curricula: Modern and modern teaching methods and academic staff for the National Curriculum and the American Diploma.

Educational paths: With a selection of distinguished and capable educational cadres to develop the scientific level of students.

Academic calendar: the date of vacations and exams according to the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Transportation and Transportation: To meet the parents’ desire for a high responsibility for safe and comfortable transportation, and to enhance the human values ​​of students through educational and social programs within school transportation.

Activities and Events: Visits and excursions filled with fun and excitement in outdoor activities, and indoor activities that enhance physical strength, motor skills and mentality

Educational Environment: Academic experience of more than 30 years and modern methods of education with multiple approaches to prepare a balanced creative generation.


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